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Apj Abdul Kalam biography pdf:

Kalam was such a great personality that we will always be proud of. Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam was born in Rameswaram, Madras Presidency on 15th October 1931. He was not only a Scientist but also a politician leader, who became the 11th President of India. He is the reason for the development of India’s missile and nuclear weapons program. He was not only an Indian scientist, but he was also a political leader who would later become the 11th President of India. Abdul Kalam played an important role in India’s missile and nuclear weapons program development

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Abdul Kalam’s journey as a scientist:

After graduation, Kalam joined DRDO’s Aeronautical Development Establishment in 1960. Designing a small hovercraft marked the beginning of Kalam’s career. In 1963 -1964, Kalam visited NASA’s Langley Research Center in Hampton, Virginia; Between the 1970s and 1990s, Kalam attempted to develop the Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV) and SLV-III projects, both of which proved successful.

Raja Ramanna had invited Kalam as a representative of TBRL to witness India’s first nuclear test “Smiling Buddha”, even though he had not participated in its development. Project Devil and Project Valiant in 1970 was directed by Kalam, who sought to develop ballistic missiles with the use of technology of the successful SLV.

in 1980 His hard work and knowledge made him very famous By that time Kamal had become a national hero who would be remembered in the future to come. When he did the tests, his tests caused a huge uproar in the international community. Technology Vision 2020, a nationwide plan spearheaded by Kalam, was, according to him, a surefire way to change India’s stature, taking it from a developing to a developed nation in 20 years. In this plan, the pace of progress of the nation was to be increased by adopting advanced technology, expanding health facilities, and emphasizing education.

His family and struggles:

Kalam had seen poverty since birth. Born in a poor Tamil Muslim family, Kalam lived with his family in the city of Rameswaram in Tamil Nadu, where his father Jainulabdeen had only one boat to survive and his mother Ashiamma was a simple homemaker. Kalam had four brothers and a sister, of whom Kalam was the youngest. Kalam’s ancestors were rich businessmen, they had vast land and property. But over time, the Pamban Bridge opened up, and because of it, they had a big loss in business and suffered a lot, As a result of this, Kalam’s family had to struggle hard to earn a living. At a young age, Kalam had to sell newspapers to provide for his family.

Kalam’s educational background:

Kalam was an average student in school, was very hardworking, and had an immense desire to learn. He spent most of his time studying, as a result of which he developed an interest in the subject of mathematics. After completing his early education, Kalam left Schwartz Higher Secondary School and went to study at St. Joseph’s College, Tiruchirappalli. From here, he completed his graduation in Physics in 1954 and went to Madras to study aerospace engineering in 1955 at the Madras Institute of Technology.

11th President of India:

Kalam became the 11th President of India in 2002, winning by a huge margin. His tenure-from 25 July 2002 to 25 July 2007. He was nominated for the presidency by the National Democratic Alliance, supported by the Samajwadi Party and the National Congress Party. He was fondly called the People’s President because of his innumerable work for the welfare of the people across the country. He was one of the most talked-about presidents Rule in 2005 because he imposed the Presidents’ rule in Bihar.

Kalam wished to take up the position one more time but then he changed his mind. After taking permanent leave from office, he shifted his career to visiting professor at the Indian Institute of Management in Shillong. Kalam also served as an Aerospace Engineering Professor at Anna University, Tamil Nadu. On the strength of his presence and knowledge, he also illuminated educational institutions like the Indian Institute of Indore and the Indian Institute of Bangalore.

Kalam’s writings:

Apart from being a great political leader, Abdul Kalam was also a good teacher and writer. Kalam was astute as well as visionary. He always dreamed of the development of the country and felt that only youth could bring revolution to the country. During his university, he also inspired many students with his inspirational thoughts. Apart from this, Dr Kalam was also a great writer. He has also written books, which are mainly for the empowerment of the country.

Achievements & Awards:

Abdul Kalam was a person with a golden heart. He received numerous awards and achievements during his journey of life. In 1981 Abdul Kalam received the prestigious Padma Bhushan award In 1981, In 1990 Padma Bhushan award, A renowned personality, because of his great efforts towards the nation, the Bharat Ratna in 1997, the Indira Gandhi Award for National Integration in 1997, the Veer Savarkar Award in 1998 by The government of India just Because of his contribution towards arts, science, and technology

Kalam’s work:

He wrote many various motivational books, here we mentioned like “India 2010”, “Touched off Minds”, “The Luminous Sparks”, “Mission India” Wings of Fire”, and “Moving Thoughts”.His life, work, and convictions evening all are loaded up with motivations. He will always be an inspiration for all of us for eternity.

Some interesting facts:

Kalam had seen poverty since birth. Born in a poor Tamil Muslim family, Kalam lived with his family in the city of Rameswaram in Tamil Nadu. Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam the full form of apj Abdul Kalam’s name. he was a pure vegeterian. once he said that he was forced to become a vegetarian because of financial constraints, but he started to enjoy it.

now see Today, “I am completely a vegetarian” ‘first bachelor President of India Abdul Kalam. His popularity was insane among children. Kalam’s autobiography ‘Wings of Fire was published in English but later it was published in 13 other languages. he was a real superhero, his life was filled with struggles and hardships, but he never complained, he just fought his way. he was one of the greatest scientists of the modern age. The missile man of India; known as the Missile Man of India, kalam was an inspiration for the youth of India.

he served as the 11th President of India. As I mentioned before Born on October 15, 1931, in Rameswaram, Tamil Nadu, Kalam was humble and became one of the most beloved personalities in India because of the hard work he did.APJ Abdul Kalam was the youngest child of his family among four siblings and had to suffer a lot in his childhood. His father just had a boat and had to work hard to make their lives going. However, Kalam had developed a love for education and shone bright students from a young age.

after completing his schooling at Schwartz Higher Secondary School, he went on to study physics at St. Joseph’s College, Tiruchirappalli. later he completed aeronautical engineering in Madras. Kalam has achieved a lot. Kalam was devoted to young people and a great mentor.APJ Abdul Kalam believed that education was the only key to unlock India’s potential. He thought that everyone deserved to receive an education.

At schools and universities, he inspired many students with his encouraging words and told them to pursue their dreams. Kalam’s writing skills were also incredible he authored several books, including his autobiography “Wings of Fire,”.

full form of APJ Abdul Kalam’s name?

Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam.

Why is Dr APJ Abdul Kalam famous?

APJ Abdul Kalam played a very important role as an Indian scientist in the development of India’s missile and nuclear weapon programs.

What is the reason why Abdul Kalam was called the Missile Man of India?

as we all know India is the largest democratic country globally, but did not have a good image in front of the world. back then our country did not have any ballistic missiles or nuclear missiles, like a weaker country. Abdul Kalam had some different thoughts about this in his mind. and he was the only person who tried his best until his end, to bring rebellion to the country with modern and advanced defence power. he encouraged other scientists to develop some powerful ballistic missiles with our technology. he was successful in arranging some secret funds, with the help of Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi which was very important to run such crucial projects. thus, Kalam was the first who bind India and created a strong image of India in front of the world. So that’s why he is the famous Missile man of India

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