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Sunderkand depicts the story of the journey undertaken by Lord Hanuman and the process of his quest to find Mother Sita. Lord Hanuman realized his power when he was praised by Jambavant and he did not even realize his immense power. At the same time, Hanuman ji started searching for Mother Sita, who was abducted by Ravana in Ramayana and decided to start his journey.

Sunderkand is the 5th chapter of Ramayana and today we are going to discuss in detail the 5th chapter of Ramayana, in Sunderkand, the journey of Shri Hanuman ji which started from Kishkindha and ended in Lanka. This highlights his knowledge skills.

The first obstacle came in the way of Hanuman ji, Mount Mainak, in the sea:

In ancient times, according to Hindu mythology, mountains could move from one place to another, all this was due to geographical conditions. There was a time when many people had to face death due to the blowing of these mountains. It was about the same time when Lord Indra decided to cut the wings of the mountains. during the same period, Mount Mainak was also looking for a place to hide and he hid in the sea

.When the news of Hanuman ji’s arrival came to the sea, he thought why not allow Mainak mountain to leave as Hanuman ji’s resting place, thinking this, the sea ordered Mainak to come. Hanuman accepted Mainak’s request, but he thought it might become an obstacle in his way so he did not rest.

Mother of Naga, Sursa vs Hanuman:

After this incident the deities set out on a journey to test the power of the sage and the monkey god and to test the knowledge and skills of Hanuman. He requested Surasa, the mother of serpents, to take the form of a fierce demon and test Hanuman’s might. On the way when she met Hanuman ji and said that if you have to pass through there then you will have to pass through my mouth only. Hearing this,
Hanuman Ji thought in his mind and took his huge form.Sursa and Hanuman confront each other, Seeing the giant form of Hanuman, Sursa also increased his size. Soon after, Hanuman shrewdly shrank himself, entered her mouth and came out through her nose. Impressed by this, Mata Sursa blessed Hanuman Ji.

Sinhika The demon:

After facing two obstacles in the sky and sea, Lord Hanuman has to face a third obstacle on land. However, this time, it was not the deity but a demon. That demon caught hold of Hanuman ji’s shadow and swallowed Hanuman but Hanuman killed him with his intelligence and strength and went ahead on his way.

Hanuman’s encounter with Lankini, the demonic protector of Lanka:

So far Hanuman has been successful in facing three obstacles. Now Hanuman had reached Lanka, when he stopped on the shore, a powerful army of demons stationed in the defence of Lanka appeared. He thought in his mind that he should enter Lanka at night. In the night he met Lankini, who used to be a protector of Brahma’s abode. But she was cursed by Lord Brahma to protect the demon’s abode, when she started questioning Hanuman,
she got an idea from his misleading words that he is an enemy, she attacked Hanuman but within no time she realized that it was not an ordinary monkey, but a divine monkey. At the same moment, she remembers the curse of Brahma, that she can be freed from the curse only if she is defeated by the monkey, only then her demonic life will end, seeing these things coming true, Lankini apologizes to Hanuman.

Meeting of Lord Hanuman and Mata Sita:

Overcoming all obstacles, Hanuman ji appears in front of Mata Sita and tells her everything about how Lord Rama has sent her to convey the message that he will soon come to rescue her from Ravana’s captivity. With Sita’s permission, Hanuman obtained permission from Sita to eat the fruits of Ashoka Vatika and ate the fruits from there as well as uprooted many trees there.Created terror there, killed demons. The demons complained to Ravana that a monkey was creating terror, so Ravana sent more warriors to stop Hanuman but Hanuman defeated them all.

Meghnath vs Hanuman:

Annoyed by Hanuman, Ravana sends his son Meghnath to kill Hanuman. He used Brahmastra and tied them with the help of Nagpash and took them to Ravana’s court. Hanuman tried to pacify Ravana, but the furious Ravana did not listen and ordered Hanuman’s tail to be set on fire.

Hanuman burnt Lanka:

When Ravana ordered Hanuman’s tail to be set on fire, Hanuman increased his size so much that there was a shortage of cloth and oil to burn the tail. When the tail was set on fire, Hanuman burnt the whole of Lanka, burnt Lanka with his tail. Thus Lanka was burnt.

Hanuman met Sita and went back to Kishkindha:

After the burning of Lanka, Lord Hanuman went to meet Sita and took orders so that she could go back to Lord Rama. Sita gives some of her ornaments to Hanuman to present to Lord Rama. Hanuman starts going to Kishkindha with the ornaments. After reaching there, he tells the whole story to Lord Rama and Lakshmana.

Both Mandodari and Vibhishana try to pacify Ravan:

Seeing the damage done by Lord Rama’s messenger Hanuman, Mandodari tries to convince Ravana to explain the damage done by Hanuman and tries to understand its effects but he doesn’t pay any heed to the effects and the aftermath Tries to explain by telling about the effects but Ravana does not pay any attention to her. When Vibhishana tries to pacify Ravana, Ravana insults him in a crowded court.

After all this Vibhishana meets Lord Rama and friendship requests. Ram accepts him. Sensing the potential danger, Ravana sends his men to spy, of whom Lakshmana captures a messenger named Shuka and releases him with a letter. From here the war between Lord Rama and Ravana begins.

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